Libraries, Archives and Museums Nova Scotia (LAMNS)

Increases the capacity of the network to share resources and to identify opportunities for high impact collaboration.

Re-Visioning the Libraries Nova Scotia Initiative

Libraries Nova Scotia (LNS) was formed in 2006/07 to bring together a group of Nova Scotia university, public, and college libraries to collaborate toward efficiencies and innovation across the province. The many initiatives listed on this website are a testament to what has been achieved through cooperation over the years.

For some years LNS has included representatives from the archival community and now the collective includes representatives from the museum community as well. In September 2015, the Nova Scotia archival, library, and museum communities came together for a historical joint conference which included a re-visioning pre-conference workshop as well as a pre-conference session to explore a province-wide digitization strategy. Both sessions were a great success, as was the entire conference, demonstrating the positive power of partnerships and collaboration. A special meeting of the current LNS Steering Committee was held on November 5, 2015 and communication was sent back to the various communities in December 2015. Another productive meeting was held on April 22, 2016 which included the current steering committee representative as well as the President of the Council of Nova Scotia Archives and the Executive Director of the Association of Nova Scotia Museums. The next project is for working groups continue developing a new vision, mission, and goals for the collective as well as recommend a new governance structure and brand to move forward on to the future opportunities.

The original LNS vision, mission, and goals as follows are currently under review.


The mission of Libraries Nova Scotia is to contribute to the development of sustainable communities in Nova Scotia through providing all Nova Scotians with seamless, barrier-free access to the world’s information sources.


  • Libraries Nova Scotia (LNS) provides seamless, barrier-free access to creative, learning and recreational opportunities for all Nova Scotians.
  • Across the province, LNS offers a suite of powerful services supported by a cooperative service-delivery infrastructure.
  • LNS is well-used, valued and sustainably resourced. Member organizations are enthusiastic participants.
  • LNS is recognized for its essential contribution to the educational, social, cultural and economic well-being of Nova Scotia.
  • Background:

    Libraries Nova Scotia (formerly Nova Scotia Library) is a shared initiative led by the academic and public libraries in the province. LNS will result in benefits such as:

    • province-wide access to a core suite of full-text digital journal and book collections
    • the coordinated creation of digitized materials important to Nova Scotians
    • shared electronic repositories to manage and preserve born-digital Nova Scotia content
    • seamless linking to full-text content across libraries
    • management of a province-wide authentication system and one-card service
    • improved inter-library loan services
    • coordinated information literacy programs
    • expanded virtual reference services

    Terms of Reference:

    a. to create a province-wide multi-type library consortium based upon principles of barrier free access to member resources; b. to initiate a province-wide information service infrastructure; c. to facilitate and enhance the education, training and development of the stakeholders who deliver information and library services in Nova Scotia; d. to advocate, as a single voice, on behalf of all Nova Scotians for the support and resources that will enable Nova Scotia libraries to meet the needs of their users; e. to facilitate and enhance communication and coordination among members of the Library community in Nova Scotia, and between those sectors and the public; f. to acquire, lease, own, develop, license, equip, maintain, or operate information technology, telecommunications technology or software independently of or in conjunction with any other party; g. to support and subscribe to any charitable or public object and any institution or other undertaking which may further the objectives of LNS; h. to enter into partnership, any arrangement for cooperation, joint venture, reciprocal concessions, or otherwise, with any person, Nova Scotia library or institution which will, directly or indirectly benefit NS libraries; i. to contract with other persons for the provision of products and services to LNS, and from LNS; j. to publish, distribute and deal in all media sources of every kind; k. to engage in any activities or operations which can, in the opinion of the board of directors, be advantageously engaged in by LNS in connection with, or auxiliary to, any of the above mentioned objectives for the general business of LNS.